InTouch Communications is pleased to provide individuals and groups with customized training programs on a variety of topics. We take our experience in marketing and communications, combine it with our learnings from working with clients of various sizes, types and industries, and then tailor it for specific audiences. This allows us to shape content and delivery to provide high-quality, customized training.

Here are just an example of topics we can provide training on:

  • Advanced social media advertising for business growth

  • Advanced photo and video strategies for digital marketing

  • Building and defining your business brand


Karim George

As CEO of InTouch Communications and Proptonics Video Production, Karim has had years of experience learning about - and teaching - marketing and video production. Along the way, one of the things that has interested people most about Karim is his story of immigrating to Canada from Egypt. A compelling story-teller, Karim has recently launched his professional speaking business where various groups and organizations call on him to share his story and how he became a successful business owner. A large part of his story was creating a strong brand for his companies, and doing the same for his clients. He has an amazing ability to teach and inspire others to grow their business and take pride in what they do, especially setting up customized training programs for maximum results. 


Christy Wentzell Johnson


With more than 19 years’ experience in communications and marketing consulting, Christy has worked with many different organizations – from private to public to not-for-profit. She is a seasoned public relations professional turned creative director, due to her creative, out-of-the-box thinking. Throughout her career, Christy has been sought after as a speaker and trainer on numerous topics, including training small businesses on networking, training influencers on how to define their personal brand and even training all Nova Scotia REALTORS® on how to meet the industry requirements for the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC).


Devin Smith

Devin is InTouch Communications’ resident social media guru. His understanding of how businesses and organizations can use social media to increase their awareness and see a direct increase in business is impressive. Becausethere’s only one Devin and plenty of clients who require our services, Devin has worked over the last year to train existing and new employees on how to use social media for business. He has given multiple demonstrations to clients and contacts on taking high quality video and photos, teaching them how to do quality work on their own without working with an agency when it is not an option to do so. With a background in human sciences, research and analysis, Devin understands how to analyze needs in order to customize information and deliver it in an effective and memorable way.