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Atlantic Gold Logo White.png

Atlantic Gold is a gold mining company that has completely revitalized the community of Middle Musquodoboit. Still, very few know the company even exists - and if they do, they assume workers are all 'come-from-aways' and that the company is not providing real employment to Nova Scotians.  


In 2018, we wanted to show that Atlantic Gold is indeed providing excellent jobs to people right here in our province, and what better way to show that than by featuring the actual people working with the company? Now, we’re working on videos that have a more complicated message to convey - around environment and safety. Even with more difficult messaging, we are finding ways to capture creativity and authenticity.


Our work with Atlantic Gold continues to grow in services as well. While we have worked with the team on video production and media buy, we will be embarking on a marketing campaign with them over the next year. 

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