At InTouch Communications, we don’t “do social media” - we do digital marketing. It’s more than just posting to Facebook to give the impression you’re “active on social media” – our digital marketing strategies include creative concepts, consistent themes, well-planned and well-executed creative content (visuals and copyright). We can leverage social media networks through a comprehensive program (mix of sponsored ads, consistent postings, scheduling and monitoring) with a goal to create and distribute valuable and relevant content to attract, acquire and engage targeted audiences.


& Media Buying

We create visual content that can be easily adjusted into other mediums, such as print, billboards, radio, transit, digital networks and any other means of marketing. Our creative campaigns are meant to be shared where they will have the most impact, and making an impact is what we do best.

We love finding unique and effective ways to help brands come to life - ask us about how we can take your brand to the next level!


& Graphic Design

Illustration, vectorization, wild Photoshop endeavours; you name it. Our team of professional graphic artists have the experience needed to make any graphic identity related project a breeze.

Video Production

Interviews, beauty shots, cinematic explorations and more - our fully equipped video team is more than happy to tackle your video needs, big or small.

Visit to check out our video production division.

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