Karim George


With a Bachelor of Commerce and majors in accounting and marketing, Karim began his career in corporate banking; learning all he could about what makes a successful business. He immigrated from Alexandria, Egypt to Halifax in 2009 for a better life with more opportunities. In 2013, he put his knowledge and experience to work, starting his own business in video production and quickly growing it to a full-service marketing agency. 


Karim is an innovator, a risk-taker, an achiever and a strong leader. He is constantly working to make his clients and colleagues more successful because he believes that his role goes far beyond marketing. Karim feels a commitment to level up Atlantic Canadian business as a whole. 


Karim’s determination, drive, and ability and to see opportunity where others don’t earn him a great deal of respect and recognition in Halifax. In 2016 he was an RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant, and in 2020 he won Business Leader of the Year (Silver) in The Halifax Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. 

Christy Wentzell Johnson


Christy is a seasoned marketing public relations professional, working in the industry since 2000. With more than eight years in agency work, Christy has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients, large and small, to meet their communications and marketing needs regardless of their budgets. She joined InTouch in 2016 after leaving her position as communications director for a large provincial association in favour of more freedom in creativity. Since then, Christy has created many marketing plans and creative campaigns that have completely changed our clients’ business. 


Valuing relationships over everything else, Christy has a talent for truly understanding every client’s brand and effectively promoting it. She looks at every marketing tactic through a public relations lense, anticipating any potential threats that could impact the brand in a negative way. Christy is a balanced blend of creative and cautious; an approach that has served InTouch and its clients well. 




Hind was born and raised in London, Ontario. She is an accomplished entrepreneur who built a name for herself after moving to Nova Scotia 25 years ago, when she and her husband Mike opened Atlantic Canada's very first internet cafe. They quickly grew the business to seven locations across Nova Scotia, eventually selling the business and all locations to pursue new opportunities. Hind discovered a passion for events and became the creative director of events for the Atlantic Convenience Expo trade show. In 2019, she was sought out by InTouch for her expertise in business development, event planning and retail marketing. Hind is responsible for identifying and developing new business opportunities and contributing her expertise to the areas of retail, food and beverage and events. 


Hind is a true connector - connecting people, businesses, ideas and opportunities. Her creativity and business acumen has helped fuel success for our clients, large and small. 

James Gaudet


James is a multidisciplinary marketing guru with a background in graphic design and video production. After graduating from NSCAD University in 2014 and beginning his career as a freelancer as many creatives do, James was then scouted by InTouch. He has now been working with the InTouch team for more than three years and plays a role in many different services that InTouch offers on a regular basis. More recently, James has been working in the areas of short social video production. At InTouch we all know the power of video, especially through social media. Always keeping up with digital trends, James understands what grabs social media users attention instantly, and has become an expert in crafting short moving graphics that do just that. 


With an inclusive palette of visually-driven skills, an eye for modern design, compelling  animations and storytelling, James brings a lot to the team at InTouch.

Laura Johnson


Also known as the idea gal, Laura is enthusiastic about all things creative. Her degree in psychology combined with her advanced diploma in public relations allows her to bring unique and client-specific ideas to the table. Agency life can get hectic but Laura thrives on organization - making her a perfect fit for managing accounts. Her biggest strengths lie in ensuring social media accounts remain on strategy and are maximized for a good return on investment 


Laura’s energetic presence and bubbly personality make her a hit with clients and co-workers. She has travelled the world, immersing herself in different communities and cultures and gaining a broader perspective on people and their connection with places. Building and maintaining strong relationships comes easy to Laura - she aspires to go above and beyond for her clients simply because she believes in their work.



Saad Zora is a driven, passionate and creative account manager at InTouch Communications. As a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University’s Public Relations program with diplomas in Marketing and Music Business, Saad’s education has led him to unique opportunities from working in the local music industry, to promoting economic development in Halifax, and now in a full-service marketing agency. He has developed a diverse arsenal of skills including business and communication planning, digital advertising, project management, photography, and more. 


Saad’s understanding of today’s digital marketing world gives clients the benefit of his brilliant ideas and sharp skills in optimizing conversion. A frequent international traveller and talented portrait photographer, he has an understanding and respect for capturing cultural diversity and is always questioning the broader goal - who else can we reach and how? His work with InTouch has allowed clients to tap into new markets and build new audiences they hadn’t previously considered. 





Jason is a certified graphic designer with more than ten years of experience working for a number of companies and individuals across Canada, both onsite and remotely. Jason has worked on projects from local business clients to large corporations such as IBM, Comcast and Burger King, with multiple budgets and various timelines. 


When the InTouch team began working with Jason in 2017, it was quickly apparent that he had some of the most effective time-management skills a creative could have. He is efficient at all levels - from grasping the client’s objectives to completing the work. His work often receives approval on the first draft; his ability to translate someone’s vision onto paper so well leaves us wondering if he can read minds. Jason excels in website design and in creating new campaigns for clients. He is able to take a brand and showcase it in new ways, and is always up for a challenge. 





Born and raised in Halifax, Allie is a recent Mount Saint Vincent University Public Relations graduate. She also holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology, which brings a unique and critical perspective to the team.

Allie's diverse experience includes working in economic development, start-ups, and the beauty industry. Her strengths lie in writing, content creation, and social media management. She’s admittedly obsessed with all things social media, and loves to stay up-to-date with current trends.

Allie is an Account Manager by day, and singer-songwriter by night. When she’s not at work, she’s usually writing songs and playing music. Her creativity is an asset when it comes to thinking outside the box for our clients, however she also thrives on organization and time management. Her attention to detail and diverse skill set make her a great fit for Account Manager.




Alison is a social media specialist with an eye for detail and an all hands on deck attitude. As a graduate of Mount Saint Vincent University, Alison learned the importance of applying classic marketing techniques to modern brand strategies. With her degree in public relations and experience in non-profit, private sector and start-ups, she has developed a diverse set of skills to create the perfect marketing experience for her clients. Alison has successfully developed skills in communication planning, social media re-branding, social strategy, content development and more.  


For Alison, life is about balance. With a love for local dining and all things fitness she can likely be found with her shaker cup in hand not far from the gym. She applies her “go-to” attitude to her work experiences. 


Alison’s understanding of today’s social media trends gives clients the reassurance of what skills and ideas can be used to capture their goal and see it come to life.