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InTouch Communications - COVID-19 Update

Since its inception, InTouch Communications has enjoyed its status as one of Nova Scotia’s busiest and fastest-growing marketing and video production agencies. As a small business, we’ve learned to grow and adapt with the changing times. However, we were never quite prepared for this.

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted many businesses, small and large. Many of our clients have had to shut down or revise their business models to adapt to the current situation, many facing various challenges and changes. Therefore, so have we.

Our entire staff began working from home the moment it was suggested by our government. We have continued to support our clients, adapting to the level of support they need from us right now. We have changed our scope for some, moving from marketing to public relations services as they face new challenges. We have adapted to a change in how people work, and how businesses market themselves.

What we haven’t done is lay off any of our talented and valued staff members. They are the heart of this company, and the best advocates of supporting Nova Scotian businesses. We know this is only temporary. We’re still here to help those companies who care about people more than business, who lost valuable income during the state of emergency to keep everyone safe. We want to emphasize that we are wanting to help, and are here to market your business in the absolute most cost-effective and measurable way.

We’re encouraging businesses of all sizes to reach out to us for assistance in communicating and promoting their new business models as they’ve had to accommodate for social distancing. Or, look to us for support around public relations, crisis communications or planning a strategy for when life goes back to normal. Our team is not only skilled in marketing and social media management; half of our team members are public relations professionals and skilled writers. We are innovators when it comes to helping companies adjust their business models to adapt to the current world - in fact, we’ve done it ourselves, moving from an aerial photography company to a full-service marketing and video production agency.

We want to ensure you keep your clients and customers during this time. So whether you need public relations, graphic design, marketing planning, video production, social media management or any other advice, we can guide you in the right direction, in a way that fits within your specific needs and budget.

The InTouch Communications team can help you get ready for the moment where this is over, and you can earn back any lost sales or income that this challenge brought you. We’re still here, and we’re more ready than ever to team up with you to further the success of your local business or organization.

We are here to help.

Stay Safe and Healthy.

Karim George

CEO - InTouch Communications Inc.


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